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Our project is unique for a number of reasons...

one of which is our belief that COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP

is an ESSENTIAL component to success!

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About the Project

Moose Factory’s Community Language Project began in 2012 with the purpose of producing reference works and pedagogical materials to support the revitalization of Ililîmowin, the Cree dialect spoken in Moose Factory. Since then, the project has produced numerous children’s books, a pedagogical grammar, and multiple editions of a dictionary of the local dialect, the only one officially endorsed by the local cultural committee and owned collectively by the community of Moose Factory.

The community’s pride in the project and unwavering dedication to its progress is only bolstered by the fact that it continues to be entirely funded by the local community itself. In addition, our permanent team is entirely composed of Cree people, from our administration, contributing expert speakers, contributing artists, to our linguist and lexicographer. Explore our website to learn more about our project!

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